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Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal and Groups // Jan 18 - May 17

Midweek Groups for Women, Men, Children, and Youth

Join us on Wednesday nights this spring to recharge your walk with God through fellowship in Christian community. We'll gather for supper at 5:45 pm and then move to our groups at 6:30 pm. We'll wrap things up by 7:30 pm so you can get your people ready for the next day.

Adult Study Offerings

  • Our Women's Bible Study this spring is a series of two shorter studies called Encountering the Father and Encountering Jesus by Carolyn Moore.

  • The Men's Bible Study will focus on Paul's First Letter to Timothy and will be led by Pastor Matt.

Have You Heard About Kids Club?

Our children are kicking off a new Wednesday night program called Kids Club. They'll have the opportunity to learn all about the world God has made and how they can be a part of God's mission to bring the good news of Jesus to all the peoples of the world.

Visual Theology

Visual Theology part 1 had a great response from your students last year. So we're diving into part 2 this year. Be sure to join us in our newly renovated Student Ministry Center!

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