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In the Flesh | Christmas 2018

If there's one thing we can be sure of, it's that God is not like us. God is all-powerful. We're not. God knows all things. We don't. God is eternal. We aren't. The gap between us and God is big.

So how do we cross that gap? How do we get close to God? Can God sympathize with us? Can God know what it's like to be us? Can God know our joys? Our struggles? Our pain? Our hopes? Can God draw near? And what happens when he does? What happens when God shows up?

In short, that's what Christmas is all about. It's about God showing up in the flesh of Jesus. And it changes everything. It changes us. It changes our lives. It changes the world.

Join us on Sundays in December as we explore what happens when God comes in the flesh.

8:30 am | Contemporary Worship in Fellowship Hall

11:00 am | Traditional Worship in Sanctuary

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